Parking & Shuttles

Parking Information

There will be NO PARKING inside Liberty Park on race day. (Repeat NO PARKING inside Liberty Park on race day.)

The Wilma Rudolph Event Center at Liberty Park (1190 Cumberland Drive, Clarksville) is the location for the Go Commando event. The Health & Fitness Expo, Start/Finish Line, and Finish Fest After Party are all located in this area.

Parking is restricted for one main reason: there is only ONE entrance into and out of the park and it will be used by runners (who do not want to be hit by a car). There are lots of other reasons as well, but the not getting run over part is the biggie.

You are in luck, however. Both the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System and Clarksville Academy have agreed to allow parking at their locations off Highway 48/13. This is less than 10 minutes from the park.

CMCSS Facilities Building
To Clarksville peeps this is the old Jostens building
1312 Highway 48/13

Clarksville Academy Sports Complex
1330 Hwy 48/13

While other parking options may be available near the park entrance, please be mindful of private and restricted parking areas.


To get you from the parking area to Liberty Park we will have six buses running from 5:30am – 12:00pm. The shuttles will pick up and drop off at the entrance to each parking lot, look for the bus stop volunteers to direct you. Please plan 15-20 minutes to get onto the bus and to the start line during peak hours (6:45a – 8:00a).

The buses will transport you to the front of Liberty Park, where you can walk to the starting line.

Handicap Parking
Handicap parking will be available at the front of Liberty Park. From Riverside Drive turn onto Highway 48/13. Once in the turning lane you will see signs for “Handicap Parking”. You MUST have a handicap tag or license plate to access this area. All other spectators and guests can use the satellite parking locations.

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